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Irrigation and Drainage Systems

A luscious, green lawn is always the envy of the neighborhood, but keeping it beautiful isn’t always easy. That requires a professional irrigation and drainage system installed by your local yard experts. At Excellence Irrigation, we have the personnel and equipment necessary to make any yard shine as bright as possible.

Irrigation Installation and Maintenance

After serving the Oklahoma City Metro area for so many years, we know the kind of damage that irrigation can cause a yard when installed poorly. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to handle the permitting process, as well as the entire installation of your irrigation system. Using the highest quality materials on the market, we ensure that each system is installed with minimal yard damage and maximum efficiency.

*Excellence Irrigation also offers a winterization process using air compressors to expel any water before winter. This prevents pipe freezing and significantly increases the lifespan of your irrigation system.

Drainage System Installation

Obviously, a good irrigation system is a moot point without a drainage system to match it. At Excellence Irrigation, our outdoor experts have the techniques and equipment to install comprehensive drainage systems while preventing your yard from incurring any major damage. Using yard friendly equipment and years of experience, we offer drainage solutions such as:

  • Underground downspout drainage
  • Corrugated piping drainage
  • French drain systems
  • Yard grading

Ideal Yards

Maintaining the proper balance between a well-watered yard, and a flooded lawn is the ideal way to keep grass and other vegetation green and healthy. At Excellence Irrigation, Oklahoma City Metro Area property owners have a company that is able to provide comprehensive irrigation and drainage services. An incredible service record, experienced staff, and careful planning make us the best solution for any irrigation or drainage project.

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